BuiltEnough, LLC

There are things we have already built enough of. Some we will never build as well ever again - yet we build more.

Planned obsolescence, disposability culture, false innovation: whatever the reason, we can't build forever. Every manufactured product embodies energy that cannot be recovered. The best we can do is damage control, embracing the surviving pieces of our industrial inheritance as the tools of our future.

BuiltEnough, LLC is dedicated to the identification, recovery, and redistribution of embodied energy, the things we have already built enough of. BuiltEnough, LLC combines expertise in engineering, maintenance and responsible commerce to promote resilience and stewardship.

BuiltEnough, LLC is 100% queer/trans/nonbinary owned, providing an important space for equity and respect in conventionally inaccessible industries.

Initial areas of focus include bicycles, general service and skilled trades hand tools, musical and audio equipment, and casual apparel. We are actively networking with skilled repair professionals and others interested in our vision. Stay in touch by contacting us with a brief introduction, and follow our social media accounts to learn more about individual ventures.

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Limited bicycle pilot offering service and sales for commuter and recreational riders. We offer unmatched pricing, quality, and integrity, with the most attentive and respectful service possible.

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